Top 10 Dog-Centric Movies for Dog Lovers

Dogs have this uncanny ability to entertain us, captivate our hearts, and keep us laughing until we cry. Your relationship with your dog is good for your heart and your soul. So it is no wonder that dogs are the stars of our favorite movies. Looking for a dog-centric movie? Here are some of the best movies to watch.

1. Rescured by Ruby (2022)
Chasing his dream to join an elite K-9 unit, a state trooper partners with a fellow underdog: clever but naughty shelter pup Ruby. Based on a true story.

2. A Dog’s Way Home (2019)
A female dog travels 400 miles in search of her owner throughout a Colorado wilderness.

3. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)
A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

4. Marley & Me (2008)
A family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog.

5. June and Kopi (2021)
A young couple takes in a street dog, and the family pitbull becomes an instant accomplice as he adjusts to his loving new home.

6. 101 Dalmatians (1996)
An evil high-fashion designer plots to steal Dalmatian puppies in order to make an extravagant fur coat, but instead creates an extravagant mess.

7. A Dog’s Journey (2019)
A dog finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he meets.

8. Benji (2018)
Two school kids strike up a friendship with an orphaned puppy named Benji. When danger befalls them and they end up kidnapped by robbers who are in over their heads, Benji and his scruffy sidekick come to the rescue.

9. Hotel for Dogs (2009)
Placed in a foster home that doesn’t allow pets, 16-year-old Andi and her younger brother, Bruce, turn an abandoned hotel into a home for their dog. Soon other strays arrive, and the hotel becomes a haven for every orphaned canine in town. But the kids have to do some quick thinking to keep the cops off their tails.

10. Because of Winn-DixieA Dog’s Journey (2019)
A mischievous dog befriends a lonely young girl in a new town and helps her make new friends.