5 Most Beautiful Sunset Viewpoints In the World

I’ve always thought it was the simple act of watching the sunset is underrated, and not because of all the myths revolving around men that watching the sunset for XNUMX minutes every day is self-healing. No, it is much simpler than that. The peace that watching the sunset communicates to us cannot be described in words. It is spiritual and dreamlike, and we feel that only in our journey do we dedicate the time it deserves.

To turn sunset views into a hobby and incorporate them into our daily lives, it is best to contemplate these. The Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World It will certainly encourage you to go out on your home balcony at the end of a reading.

Bagan (Burma)

Gradually retaliating from the blinders that the dictatorship has brought over the last few decades, the country Burma (or Myanmar) begins to open up to the world. The Asian nation of Rangoon, offering as an attraction the golden stupa or balloon over the city of Bagan, an ancient imperial city, both at sunrise and sunset, as if it were a city trapped in an old travel notebook, a monument typical of Asia, making it an even more mysterious place if possible It is a typical Asian monumental sight. Also, Bagan is the best place in the world to see by balloon, this is a good opportunity to get lost in its sky and history.

Kochi Fort (India)

If any country is ideal for sunsets, it is India. From the splendor of the city of Varanasi to the typical pictures of the Orange Taj Mahal on the Yamuna River, the country of Calais brings great mysticism to its sunsets if possible. In my case, I’ll keep it in the town of Kerala, South India, Fort Kochi, famous for its Chinese nets that stop at sunset and watch sailors fish while the Malabar Sea brightens.

Maasai Mara (Kenya)

One of the world’s most famous sunsets It looms over the savannah of Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve, renowned for its status as a mecca for safari and adventure travel. After XNUMX days of photographing elephants, sharing dances with the Maasai, and exploring unruly places, the African sunset, interrupted only by the prominent neck of a giraffe, becomes XNUMX of the continent’s greatest treasures and the perfect time machine for your childhood. Disney’s The Lion King.

Grand Canyon (United States)

As eagles soar through the sky, orange and silence take over Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. A nomadic setting ideal for gazing at the sky’s edge. In the distance, rumors of old Indian legends await the starry night and the changing colors of the caves. Ideal to visit and stay lodge from the famous South Rim through the giant Yankee.

Santorini (Greece)

Many people find the most beautiful sunsets in the world, those in the town of Oia, on the Greek island of Santorini, a feast for the senses. The white terraces overlooking the huge volcanic caldera where many find the presence of ancient Atlantis are tinged with warm colors, and the eternal Mediterranean Sea succumbs to the departure of the Mediterranean summer helios that we all dream of.